Event management 

Events are an integral part of modern marketing. They create a bridge between the product or service and the experience, which motivates the consumer to make a choice. The different formats such as corporate, presentation or commercial events have the same goal – to increase the popularity of the company or brand, while enhancing consumer trust in them.

The various experience of one of WIRK’s founders in this field, gained from 2002 up today, is giving us the opportunity to optimize the resources, so that you get maximum benefits from the conducted event. Our process begins with analysis of the brand/company which will be presented, identifying the target audience, making a creative concept and plan tailored to its demand. 

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Whether you're going to entrust us for large-scale projects such as festivals, conferences, spectacles, official ceremonies, and concerts, or you want from us to organize special presentations, promotions, or business breakfasts, we will do our best to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

We offer:

  • Complete event management, including preliminary analysis of brand/company and its target group, making a creative concept, plan, coordinating and conducting the event.
  • Assistance in organizing, coordinating, and conducting of events, with pre-set concept from your side. 

The successful event needs organization longer than two work weeks. For this reason, we are not inclined to accept orders for event management with such deadline.